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Gene Cernan, Apollo 17 mission leader, drives the Lunar Roving Vehicle on the Taurus-Littrow Landing Site. The Rolex Day-Date Replica is located on his left hand.

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The fact that they didn't fully understand the current state of the watch business is shown in point 6. "The chronograph can be manually wound, electrically wound, or self-winding type ..." We know,Rolex Day Date Replica of course, that the first self winding chronograph did not appear until at least five more years (although the author knows that there were a few Swiss self-winding watches that existed as early as 1940s but that's a different story). Don't be fooled by the old myth that self-winding chronographs don't work in zero gravity. Thanks to the Conservation of Momentum, they work perfectly.

The companies cited were invited to respond. Surprisingly, out of ten companies, only Rolex Longines Hamilton and Omega bothered to respond. Hamilton's offer was rejected outright because it did not meet the most basic requirement, which was for a wristwatch. Instead, Hamilton proposed a deck-watch.

The RFP was issued in late September and the remaining three players were able to provide the samples requested (three per player) by earlyOctober. The orders were placed by the USA agents of the brands,Rolex Replica Watches and this is why no one in Bienne knew until much later that a watch would end up orbiting 200km above the ground.

Jim Ragan, NASA's newest engineer, had just drafted the technical specifications of the RFPs. He was busy working with the Safety, Reliability and Quality Assurance Division to set up the grueling tests the watches would be subjected to. The popular story is accurate in this regard. NASA's official watch was subjected to a series of violent mechanical tests, including heat, humidity, vibration, vacuum and pressure. The tests were identical for all instruments, regardless of their type. This included cameras, watches and other equipment.